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About Arc 5tudios

On a cold October night in College Park, Maryland, I was face timing my friend Ellis D'Domenicus when we came across a shirt that we thought was funny but extremely overpriced. I decided to make our own shirts instead. This turned into a two-hour call that spawned four or five legendary designs that would later be featured in Chimp Skate's first drop. Chimp Skate skyrocketed with the help of an amazing TikTok community invested in the satirical tshirt designs. I amassed over 100 designs for tshirts, bags, signs, etc but I wasn't feeling fulfilled.​

About a year ago I started working on a new brand with Ellis, one that would encapsulate Chimp Skate but allow for a framework that would allow me as a designer and Ellis as a conceptualist to design true satirical fashion in a more cohesive manner. I am so excited for this future journey and so grateful that so many of you choose to follow along, you are what makes this brand what it is. 

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